Saturday, June 19, 2010


uber grit jim travers is imagining. I have more things to imagine. I imagine the abrogation of the hrc thought police. I dream of defunding all advocacy groups, I dream of a strong and proud military with a Royal Canadian Navy, RCAF and Royal Canadian Army.
I imagine a country that values free enterprise. That does away with electoral and corporate welfare. That gets those who can work off welfare. A country where the civil service is cut by 25%. I dream of a country with a privately supported CBC and a defanged CRTC. A land where SunTv news has many , many viewers and the other stations try and compete. A land where our traditions are respected. A land that has shed the yoke of trudeautopian toxic multiculturalism. An ethnically diverse land of Canadians. A land where immigration is more carefully considered. A land where becoming a citizen is not granted to babies whose parents get off a plane and go to a hospital to avail themselves of Canada's welfare state. A land where it takes 5 years to become a citizen.
I dream of a Canada that respects it's constitution. Who has judges that respect our laws and ancient rights. A land where provincial and federal responsibilities are respected. A land where interprovincial trade is not blocked. A land that unilaterally drops trade restrictions against the world poorest countries. A land deeply involved with the Anglosphere. Which encourages free trade.
A land where people of faith are not mocked by elites who know very little.
A land which accepts the recently exonerated Lord Black as a citizen.
A land with a flat tax, no corporate tax and balanced budgets.
A land where the liberals and grits have merged. A land where the blue grits have returned to their natural home with the Tories. A land where electoral welfare is gone and the bq collapses soon after. A land where now the narrative is between the right and the left.
Imagine that jim. Maybe that will make your head explode.

Conservatives came to power knowing reluctant Canadians could only be shifted to the political right incrementally. That movement is now advancing according to the plan Conservative thinker, strategist and Stephen Harper mentor Tom Flanagan infuriated the Prime Minister by making public.

Imagine that.


johndoe124 said...

Why don't you run for office? Then there'll be two Conservatives in the CPC, you and Maxime Bernier.

Shawn Abigail said...

In summary, a country where all the damage caused by P.E.T. gets repaired. No argument from me.

Owner and Doggy said...

I imagine a Canada that is environmentally friendly. I imagine a Canada in which government fights climate change. I imagine a Canada that children can be proud of. I imagine a Canada ready for the future and its challenges. Too bad it's only my imagination as none of it is going on now.

Anonymous said...

Owner and Doggy...I imagine you live in your parents basement. I imagine that your personal hygiene is questionable.

bertie said...

Owner and doggy don,t pay for any environment services.Would like others to pay for environmental scam so he can complain about the next one.These fools just keep showing up don,t they!Apology to the dog.

been around the block said...

Owner and Doggy (huh? ya, well ...): "I imagine a Canada that children can be proud of."

That ain't the Canada P.E.T. created, where child poverty exploded during his Liberal$' tenure due to marriage breakdown due to feminist angst due to leftbot stupidity and deconstructionism of the family and every other stable institution you can think of.

The dirty little secret that the Lefties and their pals in the media never mention in relation to "the child poverty crisis" they so decry in Canada is that the number-one cause of child poverty is the parents' separation and divorce -- or the not forming a family in the first place.

The Leftbots and their media whores don't want anyone to know this because they've been the front-line cheerleaders for single parenthood and the deconstruction of the mom/dad/kid(s) family -- which, BTW, O&D, is the best configuration for the family if you're looking at the safety, health, and well-being of the kids and NOT the self-fulfillment (sic) of the so-called adults.

But, I wouldn't expect you to be able to connect the dots, O&D, because, as Anonymous says, you probably live in your parents' basement -- that is, if you have parents. If you're one of the unfortunates whose parents long ago divorced or never bothered to form a family, my sympathies: You're one of a legion of victims of the Trudeaupian legacy.

'Something to be truly proud of, eh?

Anonymous said...

I imagine a Canada in which English rights are respected in Quebec. Where Canadian history is compulsory across this land in all high schools.

Anonymous said...

I'm dealing with the OHRT under the new system and while I fight for my Rights as someone Fired from a Mental Illness cause by the employer, I'm in a gray zone about to go broke and be evicted because I'm now neither officially fired or back to work.
The OHRT SMART forms to spped things up were full or Software flaws which i caught and yet someone was paid to create and buy this cra,warts and all. It was juts 1 typo that had Ms.Hall's head explode and grind the HRC to a halt.I ended up being mailed the physical Document anyway and it delayed my application,next the Respondant gets 35 days to challenge my claims. Buy even though the OHRT got a reply within 14 days, it was by the Lawyers to exercise their Rights to drag out the response to 55 days. Next I'll be shown the claims by them and produce my Documents to counter any variations from the truth of how i was treated after a Work-place injury.

What's amazing is that I have no income and yet an American Soldier that is a Active soldier in a foreign Army can come her as a refugee and get better Social hand outs and housing while I get closer to being homeless.
I have emails galore where Government heads send me to some other Dept. to help me.
This while they all collect a pay check to be paper-pushers with no skills for dealing with humans and yet they work in Social services.

been around the block said...

Anonymous, sincere sympathies. I wonder if D&O can imagine this Kafkaesque nightmare. In Canada.

Not only could an American soldier get better social handouts, so can Islamist terrorists, under the guise of being "refugees," so can gypsies arriving here by the plane load from Hungary and Czechoslovakia whose kids do NO work in school and whose parents rob the ESL and community service centres available to them.

Something's rotten in the State of Canada -- and it all began with Trudeau's deconstruction of our democracy under the guise of "multiculturalism," which actually meant denuding Canadians of their British and Christian heritage.

Just imagine a Canada without Trudeau's Librano$.

I Support Lord Black