Friday, June 11, 2010

iffy vs pseudochretien

Chantal Hebert sees the dithers pseudo chretien grudge match, has a new participant, the hapless iffy. pseudochretien seems intent on destroying what remains of the grits. I support a dipper takeover f the grits.

An increasingly irreconcilable difference of opinion between Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and his most successful living predecessor, Jean Chr├ętien, is at the root of the spreading turmoil within the federal Liberal party.

While the two men share a strong belief that a Harper majority victory in the next election would have profound and—from their perspective—tragic consequences for the country, Chr├ętien is convinced that little short of a pre-election recasting of the progressive side of the federal landscape can ensure that Conservative rule does not become the new normal in Canada.

The former prime minister has come to the view that the future success of the Liberal brand and the maintenance of the central place of its values in the country’s political life rest with a more co-operative relationship with the NDP.

Even lefty Josee Legault thinks iffy is in deep trouble.

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