Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iffy is not the grit leader

don martin seems desperate to help iffy. He does at leastenumerate iffy latest failures.

Last week’s surprise Liberal rejection of a refugee bill, which their own critic had helped negotiate with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, has Mr. Ignatieff’s caucus agog at such caving to the views of chronic headache Denis Coderre and troublemaker Jim Karygiannis.

Now Iggy’s stumbled into divisive ethnic politics by letting MP Andrew Kania deliver a Sikh ‘‘genocide’’ petition and attend a memorial to the 1984 massacre this week, moves only supported by a small number of extremists. That’s angered the government of India and forced the Liberal leader’s OWN OFFICE to publicly oppose his OWN MP’s actions. The mind reels.

One wonders how iffy and his braintrust didn't figure out that angering the Government of India was a bad idea.
I think I agree with martin about a fall election. I have been predicting a April 2011 election, but iffy is indeed weakened and he is ripe for the picking. grit fundraising numbers are abysmal and they are already doing the dion and allowing Tory bills to sail through. It will be interesting to see what happens to the gun registry. C-9 is sailing through. So I think it's going to be time for us all to get to work and finally get a majority.

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Joe said...

I'm not so sure I agree with you re a fall election. The libs can't afford one and the conservatives don't need one. All their important bills are being passed and those that aren't are making Mr. Ziffy look silly.

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