Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I wish

A coalition of dippers, grits and postal unons are claiming HM Government wants to privatize Canada Post ( which should be the Royal Canadian Mail). I can only jope. The presentt president of Canada Post ( who is going to the UK to head the Royal mail) says tha's not a bad idea. Selling off more Crown corporations is a good idea. Cutting budgetes is a good idea. Cutting taxes is a good idea. The coalition of losers disagree. The choice is becoming ever more clear.

Critics allege Tories trying to privatize Canada Post

By ALTHIA RAJ, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - The Conservative government is paving the way for the privatization of Canada Post, critics charged Tuesday.

A measure included in the federal government's 880-page budget bill, eliminates the Crown corporation's monopoly on international letters - a move that will destroy the postal carrier, say the Liberals, NDP and Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Asked at the time what she would tell Stephen Harper, the prime minister, if he solicited her advice on privatizing Canada Post, she said Mr. Harper should initiate discussions with leaders in Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries which have already implemented ownership changes.

“There is a view that I know our union has, that they believe government ownership is the only way to ensure Canadians will get great service,” Ms. Greene said. “Perhaps this is not rigidly the case.”

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