Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am surprised. I agree with Michael Den Tandt

The protesters are lame and the reason for the huge security costs. Breaking windows and throwing stones is not a legitimate way to protest.
I support free trade. It is the way to prosperity and the way to lift the poor out of their poverty. As Den Tandt writes, let the protesters go and get a job. Don't damage the property of Canadians.
There is nothing quite so smug, contemptuous and vainglorious as a G8 (now G20) protester.

If you’re an honest grunt looking for someone to blame for the bloated mess this weekend in Toronto, look no further. And if you’re a fellow traveller who thinks there’s cachet in running amid the teargas, think again. You’re full of it.

You have no credibility. You are not on the side of the great reformers of modern history — Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi. You are not striking a blow in defence of the poor. You are not helping women, blacks or aboriginals.

You are smashing stuff. If you like smashing stuff because doing so makes you feel good, then you’ve this count in your favour: You’re one of the honest ones.

It all started in Seattle in 1999. A group of international trade ministers and finance gnomes gathered at the Washington State Convention and Trade Centre. They were quickly joined by about 40,000 protesters, angry about a variety of things but focused mainly on the great evil of globalization.

And of course they were joined by a small but determined band of anarchists who love nothing more than to, as Alfred the butler says in the second Batman film, “watch the world burn.” The conference was a disaster. The anti-globalization movement, such as it is, was born.

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been around the block said...

My blood boils when I see groups of unruly protesters on Toronto streets, some wearing clown noses. Send in the clowns, indeed. The very idiots objecting to the cost of the G-8, G-20 Summits are the number-one reason why the costs have skyrocketed: to keep the Summit participants and Toronto citizens safe.

My blood also boils when I see MORE of my tax dollars squandered -- this time by the CBC, who features an inordinate number of news items on the protesters and very little substantial reporting on what's actually being discussed by the G-8, G-20 leaders. You have to go to CPAC for that, and even they're trying to roast PMSH and his party.

I loved it, though: While the CPAC news guys were trying to imply that the G-8 leaders weren't exactly supporting Canada's maternal and child health initiative because, snicker, snicker, they don't support PM Harper, the "experts" suggested that they hadn't pledged that much money because their economies are in the basement.

The Canadian Media: All Negative Towards PMSH and the CPC All The Time -- but our Prime Minister just keeps pushing through.

Well done, Mr. Harper!!

Louise said...

Right on!

The irony of it all is, we could save a huge pile of money if we didn't have to spend it on security and some of that money may actually go toward alleviation of the "causes" that the mobs pretend to champion. But---the narcissists are only interested in being big-shots behind megaphones.

been around the block said...

Well, my blood is boiling at an even higher temperature now that the thugs -- "protesters," my foot -- have torched police cars, broken windows, thrown tear gas, and vandalized Toronto streets.

The police, now that dusk is upon us here in Hogtown, are starting to move in on the violent thugs in Queen's Park. They've got "snatch" squads, which are moving in to apprehend specific perpetrators of violence, and they've activated the mounted units to disperse the crowd.

What's just as disturbing as the violence is the people standing on the sidelines of the thuggery and vandalism TAKING PHOTOS, for crying out loud. A very few tried to take the vandals on and stop them, but most of the idiot spectators were just sauntering around, with kids and dogs, not lifting a finger to stop the criminal activity. No outrage.


What entitled, lazy, moral pygmies we've become. If you're not part of the solution, you're a BIG part of the problem. Imagine the police having to work around these disengaged spectators, who merely want to be "entertained," as they try to control the crowds.

The police restraint has been disturbing, but one thing it has allowed, is for the public to see what these **it disturbers are capable of. I'm expecting a lot more arrests now that the police have violent protesters on camera and have been able to follow the worst of the offenders for a few hours.

(Earlier today, reporters witnessed members of the Black Bloc, some of the most militant protesters, removing their black clothing so that they could blend in with the crowd. Hopefully, some undercover cops were observing the same thing, taking note, and tracking these jerks.)

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