Monday, June 28, 2010

HM the Queen is home

Our Sovereign Lady is back on Canadian soil. HM and HRH's intinerary. See video here.

My mother once said that this country felt like home, away from home, for the Queen of Canada. Prime minister, I am delighted to report that it still does and I am delighted to be back amongst you all,” she said in her first of four speeches during her tour of five Canadian cities.

“Canadians have by their own endeavours built a country and a society which is widely admired across the world. I am fortunate to have been a witness to many of the developments and accomplishments of modern Canada. As Queen of Canada for nearly six decades, my pride in this country remains undimmed. ... It is very good to be home.”


AEK said...
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AEK said...

Dr. Roy,

She's a very nice lady, but I don't think Canada needs a Queen or King to be the official Ruler of this country.

Goodness, can you imagine her doofus son Charles, global warming chicken-little, being the so called 'sovereign' of Canada?

Golden chariots and 'adoration' of so called 'royalty' are a thing of the past.

It is time that Canada grew up and governed itself as a republic.

I would be very interested in knowing what Canadians think about being governed by a foreign Queen, or becoming a truly sovereign state, in a poll.

I Support Lord Black