Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HM PM Harper is a Monarchist

And I couldn't be more pleased. It is nice to have a Prime Minister who understands our history and understands the constitutional role of the Sovereign.

He probably deserved a mental-health break after hosting back-to-back summits and the stress of smelling smoke from smoldering police cruisers a block away, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper beelined to Halifax to meet Queen Elizabeth II even before the G20 fence was down.

He joined Her Majesty for two events after her arrival on Monday and participated in three more on Tuesday. He was beaming uncharacteristically during her flotilla inspection in Halifax Harbour to a series of hip-hip-hoorays from assembled sailors.

Mr. Harper will join her at a garden party in Ottawa on Wednesday, stand beside her on Parliament Hill for Canada Day festivities and follow her to every city on her nine-day tour, claiming the royal limelight for himself after dispatching the Governor-General to China.

This is one monarchist Prime Minister — clearly a fan of the only Queen he’s ever known — who takes standing on guard for her position very seriously.

When the Governor-General had the gall to suggest she was Canada’s head of state, MichaĆ«lle Jean was quickly corrected. She’s only the representative, not the real thing, Mr. Harper publicly declared.

And now Mr. Harper has reportedly assembled a committee of monarchists to search for a suitable person to serve as the next vice-regal, although it might be a symbolic gesture because I’m told the choice has been made and an announcement imminent.

Her Majesty has sent messages of condolences to the families of our honoured soldiers.
She was welcomed by Native Canadians. Watch here.
I would loved to see the ceremony honouring the Royal Canadian navy. Watch here.
Many more wonderful photos here. More on the tour here

Tips on Royal Protocol


Bec said...

Coming here and getting caught up with the best and the latest Dr Roy, is better than ANY other coverage. Thanks!

I still get chills when I hear "God Save The Queen" and although some of us forget and take her for granted, when she is here, there is nothing else that compares. What a lady.

Our Prime Minister indeed is the classiest and most dignified host to Her Majesty (and really, all foreign dignitaries) in my memory and lifetime.
He truly has IT ALL and with his fabulous wife by his side, an untouchable team!

NB Tory Gal said...

Dr. Roy I am sorry you used Don Martin's article... proof alone that the Prime Minister has appreciation and respect for the queen could be seen by us all on the television...Don Martin has vomited all over this article...his editor must have made him do it...
God Save the Queen
and much appreciation for his dedication goes to our Prime Minister.

NB Tory Gal said...

Oh well said Bec... what a team they are...

been around the block said...

Great photo of HM Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Stephen Harper: He looks younger than ever. (Even a tumultuous G-20 Summit can't keep a good man down ...)

As for Don Martin's "If Mr. Harper does call on Her Majesty to announce the vice-regal replacement on this tour, here’s hoping he steers clear of unworthy patronage payoffs or former politicians."

How about hoping he steers clear of unworthy CBC employees?

I don't remember Don Martin or anyone else asking the Librano$ to steer clear of "patronage payoffs" or appointments. Even though Michaelle Jean has grown rather gracefully into her role as G-G (I suspect with PMSH's help and tutelage), she was a Liberal patronage appointment with nothing much to recommend her except her CBC/feminist/visible minority/married to a Quebec separatist credentials.

I'm looking forward to Prime Minister Harper's appointment. Whoever it is, I'm sure he's given it careful thought. IMO, we're due for a white male who has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the CBC. And if he's connected to the CPC, that's OK by me!

That's called real life, Mr. Martin.

Hoarfrost said...

So far the monarchy has worked for us as a more or less neutral presence that represents our national unity. When some radicals are challenged in court it is the Queen versus "them". I guess they don't like her or the institution very much. Unfortunately there are too many ex officio groups in this country that think that they are nations too. She brings those disparate groups into a grudging respect. One day if the system no longer works, we can think about it all.

God Save The Queen.

I Support Lord Black