Tuesday, June 08, 2010

grit ethics

We have judy sgro, the one who traded campaign work for stripper visas, admitting to fraud.

She acknowledged Friday that she lives in the two-bedroom unit in downtown Ottawa, after a review of property records found that her children owned a condo in Ottawa.

By paying rent instead of taking about $10,000 a year in "secondary residence expenses," she was able to get about $12,000 more a year from taxpayers. Common rules forbid MPs from entering into contracts with members of their immediate families or parents.

Sgro said she was unaware she was breaking any rules and promised to rectify the situation. It is unclear, however, how that might be done. Her office would not say whether she plans to refund to the House the money she paid to her children over the past four years.

Nathan Cullen, a BC NDP MP who co-owns a condominium in Ottawa with his wife, said Sgro's arrangement breaches conflict of interest rules. "It's clearly a violation," he said. "You can't benefit your family from your job."

Then we have pablo rodriguez.

The police report said that Rodriguez was speaking and walking clearly when officers arrived at the accident scene — the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Harvard Avenue in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood — at 2:38 a.m.

The MP had "lightly red eyes" and smelled of alcohol, the report alleges, and his car had damaged the driver’s side of a parked Toyota, and the airbags in the BMW had gone off.

He first denied having had anything to drink and then told police he had just driven from Ottawa, where he had had "two small glasses of wine."

Rodriguez agreed to blow the breathalyzer and sat in the back of the police cruiser while the officer demonstrated how to do it, but the test didn’t work out.

Drinking and driving is a very serious offence. Even if he was below the legal limit , it is a bad idea. He essentially refused to blow properly making him a moron or it was a deliberate attempt to obfusctae. Rahim Jaffer was crucified by the lberal media. pablo has gotten a complete pass. The media didn't even find out about his arrest for a month. If pablo is convicted, the media will igbnore that too.
Even with the media in their pockets , the grits are sinking ling a lead rock. Will the grits be calling to have pablo testify in fromt of a house committee?


Martin said...

For Sgro to claim to be unaware of a conflict of interest is an insult to anyone's intelligence.
Where are the Liberal members braying that she must resign her seat for an inproper mortgage transaction? Marlene Jennings seems strangely quiet.

Jen said...

And the National Media says "-----------"

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