Thursday, June 03, 2010


I would prefer real pollution reductions, but I am glad HM Government is being much more climate realist. C)2 is not a pollutant, it is the stuff of life.

OTTAWA — The Harper government has quietly acknowledged its climate change policies will be 10 times weaker than what it had predicted exactly one year ago.

In a report that was discreetly posted late Wednesday on the Environment Canada website, the government said its policies would reduce the growth in greenhouse gas emissions from Canada by about five megatonnes in 2010. The figure marks a substantial drop from an estimate made last June that federal policies would reduce the growth of emissions by 52 megatonnes for the year.

The report also downgrades estimates for subsequent years such as 2012 when it is now projecting a 10 megatonne reduction in growth of the emissions which trap heat in the atmosphere compared with an estimate of a 74 megatonne reduction that was made by the government at the same time last year.

Listen to Dr Michaels on the EPA endangerment finding here.

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FredR said...

I always thought that Harper meant what he said while in Opposition - namely that the whole Kyoto accord and its accompanying policies - were NOT environmental policies, but simply convenient props to hide massive wealth transfer schemes.

Despite his apparant softening on "Green" issues, I always believed that was politics at play - not loss of convinction.

It seems that patience is its own reward: the political bite of the Green movement is fading fast (and not a moment too soon!), and Canada's "commitments" are being pushed ever further back into the world of reality.

There's still more "sturm und drang" coming from the Greens - but I'm sure that Harper will be able to ride out their last policitcal gasps, as well.

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