Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Good work Kory!!!

Kory Teneycke has left the CBC and has taken on a role as VP at Quebecor. I will miss Kory skewering lefties on CBC. dipper charlie angus is again annoyed. There should be announcement fairly soon that will make many of us very happy and should make lefties apoplectic. Pierre Karl Peladeau has also hired my friend Eric Duhaime. The Quebecor media properties are showing signs of not being in the pockets of liberal media establishment. That can only be good news. So I thank Kory for his stellar work at the CBC and look forward to the big announcement.
I also note that the cbc need to hire others who will give a small amount of balance to their lefty news. I suggest Ezra, Stephen Taylor and Joanne over at BLY. Indeed ezra should be host of his own show!!
Who do you think it should be. ( It might be no one , not sure the CBC will repeat that experiment.)

OTTAWA — Kory Teneycke, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former communications director, is assuming a new posting as head of media giant Quebecor's Parliament Hill bureau, effectively overseeing coverage of a government for which he was chief spokesman one year ago.

Teneycke will become vice-president of development for the Montreal-based communications company, publishers of the expansive Sun chain of newspapers, and assume responsibility for the Ottawa bureau, where he will be located, said a joint Sun Media-Quebecor announcement Tuesday.

New Democrat Charlie Angus denounced Teneycke as "a hatchet man for Stephen Harper" whom he said has no business working in the Ottawa bureau of a major news organization.

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Honey Pot said...

Kory got everything going for him. smarts, charisma, and a logic that can't be argued with.I only listened to him speak on a few occassions, but he is PM material.

He is a natural born leader. He has stellar communication skills that you just don't see everyday.

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