Thursday, June 03, 2010

Goldstein: coalition is electoral suicide for the grits

Which is why I competely support it. Come on grits and dippers you know you want to merge. Send all your fiscal conservatives, religious people and social conservatives to the Tories. You don't want those nasty people. Those people can't be part of your true leftists coalition. You know you do need the separatist socialists, the bloc. What a lovely party you would have

Sadly, a Liberal/NDP merger isn’t likely.

According to Liberal strategist Rob Silver, the same Angus Reid poll that has Layton becoming PM in an imaginary Liberal/NDP government (huh?), also found just 54% of Liberals support merging with the NDP. The New Democrats are even less enthusiastic at 40%.

This lukewarm support and the tight timeline to implement a merger before the next election, make the idea political suicide.

To understand why, read Jamey Heath’s book Dead Centre — Hope, Possibility and Unity for Canadian Progressives. Heath, former research and communications director for the NDP caucus, expressing a popular view within the party, not only doesn’t want to merge with the Liberals, he wants to kill them off and create a new “progressive” party to take on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

This illustrates why you can’t just add existing Liberal and NDP support and automatically assume a merged party would defeat the Conservatives.

Not all NDP supporters, or Liberals, would vote for the merged party, just as not all Progressive Conservatives supported Harper after the Canadian Alliance merged with the PCs.


wilson said...

''..What happened in Britain actually suggests the possibility of a Conservative/NDP coalition government here.

And if you think that’s impossible, you don’t know Jack. Or Stephen...''

Whew! Crickets were chirping when I posted the same thought.
Really, why wouldn't Jack run on being the goto guy?
And why reject an 'arrangement' with the Dippers
if the alternative is Iffy/Jack.

We know PMSH would be in control,
with the 'alternative' there is absolutely no doubt that Iffy would be Jack-whipped!

cantuc said...

So far , Layton hasn't stolen any money from me . With the conservative government positioned over the center and spread out on both sides of the center a fair amount , Layton isn't that far away . But then theres Pat Martin . Anything putting him closer to being in government , or a party that includes him ,possibly in a government , sort of screws that whole scenario , as far as I'm concerned

David said...

it would be interesting to see what the Jews in the liberal party would do when they found themselves sitting beside Jew hating marxists like libby, I can't stand her, davies, the vampire of the downtown east side.

frmgrl said...

I don't Mulcair or Martin anywhere near the reins of power.

been around the block said...


No Dipper/CPC coalition.

I can't think of anything worse except a Liberal/CPC coalition or a Bloc/CPC coalition.

Mulcair, Martin, and Davies? NO WAY. And then there's Olivia Chow who's dumber than a bag of hammers. NO THANKS to her too.

I Support Lord Black