Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Faith Healer

I went to the final show of the SoulPepper production of Brian Friel's play Faith Healer. Many of the actors of the SoulPepper company , including artistic director Albert Shulz were in attendance. It is a play about memory and truth. The same events are recounted by three characters as monologues, with very little agreement between them.I very much like Brian Friel rich dialogue. He is an amazing playwright. I have liked him since I saw Dancing at Lughnassa years ago in London. The three actors were excellent. The character who played Teddy( played by Diego Matamoros was the best. I very much enjoyed the play. It was compelling and quite moving.

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Anonymous said...

Notice the Che T-shirt. Do artists think that makes them appear as unique thinkers or groupthinkers?
What if the audience showed up wearing Ronald Reagan T-shirts with “trust but verify” on it?


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