Friday, June 25, 2010

Everyone wants to be a Canadian

I am a first generation immigrant to this country. My family has prospered in this great land. I think is the most wonderful place on earth,. I love it's Institutions, its people and its history. You can't beat Canada for beauty. It is nice that the rest of the world is beginning to see what we Canadians have known for a long time. We don't trumpet it, but Canada is an amazing country.

Why we all want to be Canadian now Even on a rainy weekday at Ottawa's By Ward market, Canadian shoppers are cheery.

As Americans and Europeans face deficits and drastic government cuts, Canada's economy is recovering from only a mild recession.

Sheltering near the maple syrup stall, local restaurant promoter Melissa Grecco says Canada escaped the fate of the US.

"We felt the effects on corporate bookings, companies not spending money on staff or booking on a limited budget. But we didn't feel it as much as the US. And within the last couple of months our business has exploded."...


Patrick Ross said...

Somewhere on the fringes of the far left, Murray Dobbin is seething with rage.

Jen said...

Sad to say though, the dark dark media cannot appreciate what they have, apparently it is not good for them.
I hope that the SUN MEDIA(FOX) would be on the ball, ask decent questions take tons of photos and video tape as much as possibe for the canadian public. It is about time that the public take notice of canada, who we are where we stand in the world and be proud of her.

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