Wednesday, June 16, 2010

End of democracy...

in Greece, Spain and Portugal. I know at least in Spain democracy is safe as long as HM King Juan Carlos and the Spanish Royal Family are around. It is interesting how apocalyptic this scenario is. I see the dissolution of the euro and maybe the eu in the next 5 years. I don't want dictatorships, but the eu is behaving like a dictator as it is.

* EU begin emergency billion-pound bailout of Spain
* Countries in debt may fall to dictators, EC chief warns
* 'Apocalyptic' vision as some states run out of money

Democracy could ‘collapse’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal unless urgent action is taken to tackle the debt crisis, the head of the European Commission has warned.

In an extraordinary briefing to trade union chiefs last week, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso set out an ‘apocalyptic’ vision in which crisis-hit countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups or popular uprisings as interest rates soar and public services collapse because their governments run out of money.

The stark warning came as it emerged that EU chiefs have begun work on an emergency bailout package for Spain which is likely to run into hundreds of billions of pounds.

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Anonymous said...

I find it sad that instead of taking their lumps for their country, people just assume that there's got to be somebody else somewhere who ought to pay for their misfortune - perhaps their children, perhaps their neighbours... - and that that will fix things. It's like taking skin from your cheek to graft an injury on your nose; it's not a solution.

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