Sunday, June 13, 2010

electoral welfare

A few articles on eliminating electoral welfare, which I am told will soon be reintroduced. One from a grit who also wants to raise the donation limits to $5000.
I must say, I actually agree with Jedras. I think the $1100 limit is ridiculously low and I think electoral welfare needs to be eliminated.
The Montreal Gazette also calls for the elimination of electoral welfare.

Why do parties deserve public funding?

THE GAZETTE JUNE 12, 2010 4:02 AM
The next Conservative election platform will reportedly contain a promise to abolish government funding of political parties. This excellent proposal promises to generate a lively and interesting debate.

You'll recall that a ham-handed Conservative effort to slip this same change into law precipitated the Keystone Kops coalition/prorogation follies of December 2008. Opposition parties, displaying a streamlined unity they can muster on no other issue, rose like hungry sharks to defend their mouthfuls of public money: over this, though not over anything more meaningful to Canadians, they were ready to topple the government on short notice.


Blame Crash said...

There is no good reason to raise this limit except to benefit the Liberals.

Just because the Liberal Party can not interest enough average Canadians to send them a few bucks, is not a good reason to change this limit. The limit doesn’t need to change, they do!

Lastly, and most importantly. When someone gives Five Grand to the Liberal Party, at tax time he fills out his return and he gets “Four Thousand, Two hundred and Fifty Dollars” credited back to him.

That would be “Four Thousand, Two hundred and Fifty Dollars” of every one else money. Think about that for a minute!

So in essence, a Limousine Liberal snob who can afford to front Five Grand to the Liberal Party of Canada, can get almost all of it back, at the expense of the rest of us.
Actually make that Twenty Grand if he or she has a family of four. We’ve seen that little trick before, now haven’t we!

The same applies to the current limit, which is also wrong and should be looked at. But increasing that limit would grossly exaggerate that wrong.

It’s a bad idea.

Hoarfrost said...

It has been my opinion for many years now that Liberal voters are those voters who do not pay day to day attention to the issues. They merely read the headlines in the Toronto Star and make their decisions based on that. Or they vote the way their parents voted.

At least many NDP voters do pay attention to the issues of the day and do not blow in the wind. Their conclusions and remedies on the issues generally suck of course.

Kunoichi said...

I say get rid of the subsidy (it never should have been started!), go ahead and increase the limit for contributions - but remove them from being tax deductable. Political parties aren't charities. If people believe in a party enough to give money to support them, they should be free to, but other tax payers shouldn't have to reimburse them for it.

Anonymous said...

Liberals benefit most from high $ limits as the past has shown. So I'm not eager to see limits raised either. (real conservative)

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