Wednesday, June 09, 2010

ding dong it's dead

Seems cap and tax is dead in the US. That makes it essentially dead here. Excellent.

Today probably marks the official death of climate legislation in the United States. Lindsey Graham, the only Republican even nominally favorable toward any kind of carbon pricing plan, has announced that he can't support the Kerry-Lieberman bill because it doesn't allow enough offshore drilling (!), and without Graham there's pretty much zero chance of getting any further Republican support. So the odds of passing climate legislation, already slim, have now dropped to zero. The only option left is a pure energy bill, something that accomplishes very little, and accomplishes that little solely by offering up subsidies to every special interest you can imagine.

More books coming out on the hoax, from people that used to be on the other side.
Dr Martin Hertzberg disproves the theory.

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