Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Diana Ross

I attended the amazing Diana Ross concert at Roy Thomson Hall last night. She looked great. She changed her dress 5 times during the almost 2 hour concert. The concert was fabulous. She sang many of my favourites like Baby Love, You Can't Hurry Love and Upside Down. She used a video screen to show scenes of her days with the Supremes and many other great images from her spectacular life. She was very informal, with a constant lovely smile. She brought a couple of guys on stage to dance with her.She ended the concert with a tribute to Michael Jackson. She said she wanted all of us to have fun and indeed we did. A spectacular concert, that I won't soon forget.

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So influenced by the music of Diana Ross, that when Lee Arboreen & Robb Brawn recorded their own CD, Diana was given a special thanks in the liner notes for her musical inspiration. They also included the names, Diana, Flo, and Mary (that would be Florence Ballard and Mary WIlson, Diana's former singing partners from The Supremes) in one of their songs. Now, Robb & Lee review Diana's concert in Atlantic City on their blog at WWW.MYGREYGARDENS.COM

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