Sunday, June 06, 2010

D Day

We remember the brave soldiers who fought and died to keep us all free.

Canada Remembers

A great British Documentary


Kevin M said...

Thanks for the great videos. I was in Normandy last year to visit my great grandfathers war grave at Bretteville Sur Laize. What an amazing place to experience. I sat on June beach and watched the sunrise. Lest we forget!

Pembroke, ON

Roy Eappen said...

Must have been amazing. We all owe a debt of gratitude to your grandfather.

Anonymous said...

dr roy, did you have to use the socialist NFB to find your videos? Could you not find a private source?

Anonymous said...

I found the Canadian cemetery near Juno Beach (Bény sur Mer)well maintained by the French. There were two school buses with high school students visiting the cemetery when we were there. It is not easy to find, but well worth the visit.

The Juno Beach museum I found not very good - I preferred a diaporama museum which showed how the huge artificial quais (wharves) were built and how lucky the Allies were with the weather which eventually destroyed one of the quais (and would have ruined the invasion).

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