Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Coronation Day

 It is 57 years since Our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen. Long May she reign.


been around the block said...

Yes, long live our gracious and noble Queen! Long may she reign!

Hoarfrost said...

I remember those days in elementary school,Catholic Separate even, in Ontario. I remember starting the school day with "God save The King". I got the news that the King had died but it seemed odd that the next morning at school we were suddenly singing God Save The QUEEN". My teacher at the time explained the symbolism of a constitutional monarchy as a sign of unity and continuity for all in their realm despite the hot displays of partisan politics.

Pierre Trudeau attempted to erase all that but I never capitulated to that base thinking. It was "bred in the bone" even though I am partially descended from Catholic Irish roots and from Scots Presbyterian roots.

The crass Orangemen of my day never dissuaded me either

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