Thursday, June 24, 2010

climate realism fells rudd

It is interesting to watch what has happened in Oz. malcolm turnbull and kevin rudd have been turned out by their respective parties. Both men were advocates of cap and tax and other chicken little policies ( and republicans). rudd also introduced a crippling mining tax. For a country that does billions of dollars in business exporting coal to China, this is madness. I don't even think rudd believed his own alarmism. His proposed cap and tax was going to be pretty weak. Climate realism has swept the nation. rudd was a sitting pm and his party believed he would lose to climate realist and soon to be HM Australian PM Tony Abbott ( a Monarchist). This latest move by labour confirms everything Tony Abbott has been saying about rudd. This should be a signal to politicians everywhere. People are wising up to the climate hoax. dion and the grits went down to defeat on backing a carbon tax. Now oz. HM M Cameron is talking a lot less about chicken little policies and a lot more about budget cuts. The Spanish government ( socialists) have basically admitted their green jobs policies have been a disaster. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up to HM PM Harper and his climate realist tendencies.


Anonymous said...

question. has the mining tax been repealed????

Patrick Ross said...

Sheesh. Take a look at this little bit of slander:

"I bet Dr Jabba the Roy is likely at his happiest when one of his patients (especially a poorer one) dies a long suffering death. Yes, this porker is just that miserable as to wish misery on others. How very Christian of him!"

Do you ever wonder, as I occasionally wonder, how it's possible for an individual to be as unhinged as this?

I mean, wow. Just wow.

Roy Eappen said...

Anyone who knows me would just laugh at such a comment.

Patrick Ross said...

I think a comment like that is far too vile to laugh at.

Someone really needs to do CK a favour and take her keyboard away from her.

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