Monday, June 21, 2010

Canada's place in the world

iffy says HM PM Harper has ignored China ,India and other emerging nations. The people of China , India and much of the rest of the world, disagree. This should be very good for future trade.

“What you’re really seeing here is how being chair of the G20 and having our Prime Minister and our foreign minister travel has made a difference,” said Janice Stein, director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. “If you look at our prominence in some of these G20 countries, which is surprising, it might well be that if we care about our reputation in the world, being an active member of the G20 does bring value to Canada.”

Perceived influence, in a survey of ordinary citizens, is obviously different from actual influence in the corridors of power around the world. But it can still prove valuable.

“It’s interesting that when our Prime Minister and finance minister came out strongly opposed to the bank tax, where did they look for support? They looked to India, China, Mexico, Venezuela, and the people they had the greatest difficulty persuading were the Europeans and the U.S., our traditional allies,” Prof. Stein said.

Canada won a great deal of goodwill in China by reopening six regional trade offices and, despite the chilly reception Mr. Harper received on his first visit last year, the government has since strengthened Sino-Canadian ties. The same strengthening of ties is happening in India, which Mr. Harper also visited last year, and Mexico, despite the imposition of visa restrictions last year over the high number of asylum claims.


Alberta Girl said...

And now it becomes clear why the MSM an the opposition have ramped up the negative rhetoric against Stephen Harper - because they needed to get it ingrained in Canadians minds BEFORE that pesky international media got here and Canadians learned that they have been hoodwinked about Canada's international reputation - and about the PM's international status.

Embarrassed???? Hmmm - and so they should be.

Anonymous said...

Just watch Ayed's piece on the June 20th edition of The National if you don't think the media is in full out attack mode. Fowler, Heinbecker, soft power-everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at Conservative foreign policy. Reported as hard news no less. This is the penultimate example of liberal bias at the CBC if ever one was needed.

Anonymous said...

The left never likes a fair fight. (real conservative)

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