Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Budget passes

30 absent grits allowed HM Government to pass the budget with no trouble. It now goes to the Senate for review. The grits are now returning to the dion method of opposition, which is indeed no opposition. This should get through the senate as well. Senator Pitfield has recently resigned. We should an absolute majority by the end of the year in the senate. If iffy dislikes the bill so much, he could have defeated HM Government and there would be an election. I am sure he is afraid rae would oust him and complete the dipper takeover of the grits.

OTTAWA—Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government has passed its fifth consecutive federal budget with the tacit support of the Liberal opposition.

The 2010 budget bill sailed through the House of Commons by a vote of 138-126 on Tuesday, with 30 Liberal MPs absent to ensure the budget survived — along with the government.

NDP and Bloc Quebecois members voted against the budget en masse.

The massive, 900-page piece of legislation now goes to the chamber of sober second thought, where Independent and Liberal senators are promising to give it a rougher ride.

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