Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bring on the ndp takeover

As a Tory I welcome the proposed dipper takeover of the grits. The grit double agents rae and dosanjh are hard at work arranging the takeover. They may be surprised to see that many of the grit fiscal and social conservatives may run screaming from the socialist hoards. The Tory tent is open and ready to accept these refugees from the socialist separatist party. It would be interesting to have a true right/ left dichotomy to chose from. Bring it on guys.

What’s more, it is unlikely that many of those who would favour a progressive accommodation are in favour of a pre-election pact. One of Mr. Rae’s supporters said he would rather not rule out a post-election governing arrangement, as Mr. Ignatieff seems to have done. Both Liberals and New Democrats say discussions about a coalition remain hypothetical at this point.

But as Mr. Ignatieff’s support continues to slip, nervous caucus members add the support of the two left of centre parties together and dream of government. That may be wishful thinking – not all Liberals would join a united left. As one Toronto Grit said: “Rae is fundamentally a lefty who paid $10 to become a Liberal. But he hasn’t changed his substance, only his perfume. My opinion is that it is a bad idea for the Liberals but a good opportunity for the NDP.”


wilson said...

Dec 1,2008 the Coalition Of Losers was approved with the signature of every Liberal MP, including Iffy.

Rae/Chretien vs Ignatieff/Martin
a perfect storm!

Anonymous said...

LOL. You are so stupid. Please keep writing your blog. You embarass yourself and all Conservatives with your silliness.

I Support Lord Black