Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another reason to oppose libby and the dipper grit party

libby davies wants to add to the hrc thought police and to the criminal code, laws to prevent discrimination on the grounds of social condition. This would of course to a slew of baseless suits. I am poor, so you didn't hire me. I am socially disadvantaged so any crime I commit is understandable. I want the hrcs to have less power . Indeed I would prefer they be abolished outright. These are the grit coalition partners. This would be what the liberal democrat party of Canada would push for.

libby on more victimology from roy eappen on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Where was Svend Robinson when he was caught stealing a $60'000.00 item and denied it for 2 days.
I agree Libby, Svend should have gone to jail for for at least 2 years in a a$$ pounding federal Prison.

Rose said...

I'll cut to the chase, the left want to force employers, banks and landlords via HRCs to provide services/jobs etc to drunks addicts etc because it's not their fault they are drunks, dead beats or addicts it's societies' fault. In Germany they have bars for drunks, the booze is free and drunks can drink themselves to death on the taxpayer's dime much like our safe injection sites.

The left want to criminalize via HRCs those who won't rent to the above group, they want to force banks to give loans and mortgages to the dead beats ala Fanny and Freddie Mae. They want to force employers to retain drunks and addicts, even if they can't perform the jobs they were hired to do or if they place their fellow employees in danger because they are high.

Legislation such as this is a grave danger to a free society, grave danger to morals, ethics and commonsense they want to eradicate personal reponsibility and place the burden on the fabric of society.

Frances said...

So Ms Davis wants companies to be forced to hire incompetents? That should force a good number of small companies into bankruptcy; they don't have the luxury of carrying passengers, particularly those who pisss off the customers.

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