Friday, June 04, 2010

Another coup?

Chantal Hebert thinks a coalition is something iffy should consider. I think all this talk of coalition just underlies the real weakness of the grits. It is interesting to watch pseudochretien undermine yet another grit leader. All of this looks like an attempt to oust iffy. iffy shouldn't be too surprised, as he ousted dion, without the usual grit constitutional niceties. The Tories and Reform were at one point united before this merger. We had many commonalities. Indeed many of us were members of both parties at one time or another. Many of my blue grit friends find the concept of a merger with socialist really unpalatable. As I said give us your religious, your fiscal conservatives and your social conservatives and anyone else who feels the merged party would careen left. I can also see a lot of dippers, who have said the grits are pretty Tory, run from this coalition. In any case, I am sure our war room would love to run against a coalition. We will do it in any case, whether or not the losers do get together. This would be a coalition of the second ands third place parties. They both have already conceeded that neither dipper or grit can win.

That may explain why, despite efforts on the part of Ignatieff and his palace guard, the idea of coalition-building will not go away.

So far, attempts to put a lid on such talk have resulted in only one outcome and that has been to highlight Ignatieff’s isolation from some of the more dynamic forces within his own party.

There is as much private and public speculation about an eventual rapprochement between the Liberals and the NDP as ever, but increasingly it revolves around schemes that would see Ignatieff out of the picture.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be a coalition of 2nd and 4th place parties.

Anonymous said...

The real question on my mind is how do the 'greens' fit into all of this? (real conservative)

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