Saturday, June 26, 2010

THe ADQ is Quebec's only choice

Give the massive incompetence and perhaps even corruption shown by the charest grits, the separatist pq is gaining in the polls. Indeed I call the pq separatists, but given the language of charest lately , I almost see no difference.
pauline marois wants to introduce more restrictive language laws ( against French Canadians!) and
statist and radical policies. It is time for we Quebecers to stop voting for these two tired parties. The ADQ has policies of lower taxes, less state intervention, no referendums and increasing freedom for Quebecers. Quebec Anglophones vote grit almost religiously. The Quebec liberals ignore us and even English MPs do little for our community. It is time for a change. We need to vote ADQ. We need to rid ourselves of the divisive federalist/ separatist debate that dominates politics in this province. It prevents Quebec from attaining it's true potential. I urge my friends of the center right in Quebec to return to the ADq. We need to revamp the party and continue to make it a viable alternative to grit crony politics and the pq's radicalism. A pq victory always means economic uncertainty and decline.

Aside from these sideshows, however, the PQ does also have some plans, as usual, for more restrictions on English in education. The interesting thing about these plans is that having constrained actual anglophones as tightly as the Supreme Court will allow, the PQ is now turning to constraining freedom of choice even further for francophones, as well. This is a decision which we hope the party will regret, strongly and soon.

From family-based daycares (seriously) to CEGEP, the PQ now has big plans to control access. The Liberal government is choking off, with Bill 103, a trickle of non-Canadian anglophone students into the province's English high schools, but that's not good enough. The PQ now wants to require even family daycares to provide French to toddlers. And only students who have graduated from Englishlanguage high schools would be allowed to attend English-language CEGEPs. No longer would young francophones and allophones be able to exercise freedom of choice in language of education for the first time in their lives.

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