Friday, June 04, 2010

24700 jobs added in May

The Canadian economy continues to outperform economists' expectations.( listening kevin page?)
The unemployment rate should be lower but people are reentering the job market. 75% of the jobs lost in the recession have been recovered. No wonder the Tories are judged best to manage the economy. No wonder the grits admit they can't win( and thus the coalition talk). I doubt the grits will talk about the economy again for another several months.

Canadian employment growth beats expectations; 24,700 jobs added in May...
Despite the increases in all the major categories, Canada's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.1 per cent. That's because more people were drawn into the labour force in anticipation of finding work.

Employment gains in Canada have generally surpassed economists' expectations since last July, when the economy began to come out of its nearly year-long slide.

Since then, Canada's economy has added 310,000 jobs, recouping about 75 per cent of the losses suffered during the recession.

Update in the US 41000 jobs were created in the private sector. 370000 temporary census jobs were added. The market reacted negatively to that rather anemic results.

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