Friday, May 21, 2010

Why would you want to?

don martin has denied that, grit hack frank graves, is a grit hack. That's not very impressive, coming from someone as openly hostile to the Tories as don. He also asks whether iffy can be saved? Only the Tories want iffy saved. To the grits, separatists and the dippers, he is just a minor impediment to the coalition. After 30 plus years abroad, iffy understands very little about Canada and understands the grits even less. Thing is, there is no real way under the grit constitution, to get rid of iffy without an election. They acted illegally in replacing dion. Will they do it again? Maybe, but they can't actually afford another leadership campaign. maybe they will just appoint rae, but I think they will just wait for iffy to lose an election, hopefully by a very wide margin.

The latest EKOS poll – and keep in mind this is the same pollster the Conservatives have falsely accused of being a Liberal stooge – shows 34.4 per cent of decided voters pledge their support to the Conservatives, 25.1 per cent for the Liberals and 15.3 per cent for the NDP.

If this poll is a Liberal-friendly finding, the party should start looking over its shoulder with alarm at closing-in NDP numbers in other polls to come.

But perhaps the strangest strategy is something Ignatieff’s understandably apprehensive MPs are questioning during their last weeks in their local ridings before the summer recess begins in mid-June. Why is their leader wandering their political wastelands?

There was a saying in Ralph Klein’s Alberta that vote-seeking politicians should hunt where the ducks are.

Ignatieff is either a rank amateur hunter or one with terribly bad aim because he’s looking for support in all the wrong places.


wilson said...

Dippers + BLOC outnumber Libs,
a coalition of losers may very well be led by Jack Layton,
it's up to Duceppe.

As Liberals are constantly preaching, we don't elect a PM.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have to be in power in order to survive and prosper. A parasite can't do much without a strong host to attach too. Surely Don knows all about that. Thats why Don is pissed at the Iggster, hasn't been able to attach the liberal parasitic body to a host yet - the Canadian taxpayer. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black