Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome Bibi

I am staunchly pro Israel. I have said I am a Christian Zionist in the pages of the NP. I am a staunch friend of the Jewish people. I make no apology for either statement. I am happy that HM PM Harper and the Tories share my views. Prime Minister Netanyahu has noticed and so has the Economist. I welcome the Israeli Prime Minister to Canada.

Unlikely allies
Israel’s new North American friend

May 27th 2010 | OTTAWA | From The Economist print edition

THE last time Binyamin Netanyahu visited Canada, in 2002, he had to cancel a stop at a Montreal university after protests turned violent. When Israel’s prime minister meets Stephen Harper, his Canadian counterpart, in Ottawa on May 31st, he can expect a far warmer welcome. While Israel’s relationship with the United States has been strained during Barack Obama’s presidency, its ties with Canada have flourished under Mr Harper. “It is hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada these days,” said Avigdor Lieberman, Mr Netanyahu’s ultranationalist foreign minister, on a trip to Ottawa last year. “No other country in the world has demonstrated such a full understanding of us.”

Mr Harper wasted little time in changing Canada’s traditionally even-handed stance towards the Middle East. One of his first moves as prime minister was to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas’s victory in legislative elections. In July 2006, he called Israel’s controversial pounding of southern Lebanon “measured”. He stood by his words even after seven Canadian civilians and a Canadian UN peacekeeper were killed in the onslaught. Peter McKay, then the foreign minister, explained that “it’s not a difficult choice between siding with a democracy that’s being attacked by terrorists and a group of cold-blooded killers.”

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