Monday, May 03, 2010

The Tory Fundraising Juggernaut continues.

We had a smaller amount of donations but still crushed the opposition parties. Remember last year we had the coalition of the wicked bringing in huge donations, It is not surprising that this year is a little less than last year. The prorogation onn scandal and the thinkers conference should have swelled grit coffers. They did not. The grits said they want to raise $25 million a year. at this rate they may make $6 million. The base is still donating. I do think our party should pay more attention to the base to make sure the Tory fundraising juggernaut continues. Let's get rid of section 13. More spending cuts, make income tax flatter and perhaps finally get rid of the status of women department. Stop funding advocacy organizations, to name just a few suggestions.

Tories big winners in first-quarter fundraising results
The Conservatives have outfundraised all of the opposition parties, combined, in the first quarter of 2010. According to the first quarter returns, just posted on Elections Canada’s website, the Conservatives have raised $4,023,923.14 from 32,466 donors. That’s $1.1-million more than the other parties, including the Greens.

The Liberals raised $1,589,953.81 in the first quarter from 15,255 people, while the Bloc Québécois raised $123, 069.64 from 1,381 people and the NDP raised $900,198.01 from 12,982. The Green Party raised $233,285.57 from 2,919 donors

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Are There Any Conservatives Left said...

I think your ecstatic “never mind the icebergs” reaction to the fundraising numbers says a whole lot… about the state of the Conservative Party and conservativism in this country.

All that matters these days is winning, not doing well, and winning is defined not by improvement, but by beating the other guys.

It is a recipe for a slow ongoing spiral down. Or, to put it more accurately, it is the recipe for the slow ongoing spiral down we are experiencing.

So it doesn’t matter that the most conservative Prime Ministerial candidate in our history became the most liberal free spending Prime Minister in our history, as long as he can get and keep government. Government and power for its own sake, obviously, because there ain’t no conservativism coming out of this government.

Similarly, it doesn’t matter that conservative supporters are abandoning the Conservative Party in droves as long as we beat the Liberals. This is the what? 9th quarter in a row where the number of donors has gone down year over year (excluding the election months and the coalition debacle). Fundraising dollars are also dropping and most precipitously among the small donors who represent the ordinary Canadian and backbone of organizers.

"Again, the Conservatives are still far ahead of the others, raising $4.02M from 32,466 donors. Still, it was their worst first quarter since 2004, and shows a 19% decline in the number of small donors alongside a 14% decline in the amount raised from them."

Thinking a 20% decline is reason to celebrate is exactly the kind of thinking that got us into the recession.

And that's not the worst of it. That is nothing compared to the drop of the high of almost 60,000 or even from the Q1-2007 or Q1-2008 of 45,000+. Even with the coalition debacle we didn’t raise funds as high as we like to think we did. Declining dollar amounts is a little concerning, but quarter after quarter of declining numbers of supporters is a message that Harper (and his supporters) continue to choose to ignore. Because the only thing that seems to matter is beating the Liberals, not making Canada better, heaven’s no.

It just doesn’t matter to CPC supporters because, Whooptee doo, we beat the hapless opposition parties who are an organizational mess, almost as rudderless policy-wise as the Conservatives. That’s like the Canadian men’s or women’s hockey team thinking they are the greatest for beating China 5-1 (conveniently forgetting the 15-1 or more thumping we should be giving them).

If power is all that matters, go on and celebrate.

If change and conservativism is, the warning signs are there for the reading and have been for a long time. Those icebergs you see, are a lot bigger underneath the water.

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