Friday, May 21, 2010

The Toronto party

That may be the fate of iffy's grits according to L.Ian Macdonald. The phony scandals and mud slinging by the iffy grits, are not working. Indeed it may be turning people off. I wonder how many knives are sticking out of iffy's back.

It isn’t just the West where the Conservatives are in command. According to EKOS, they’ve moved out to a seven-point lead, 38-31, in the Liberal heartland of Ontario. Never mind the Liberals as the Greater Toronto Area party — these numbers would reduce them to just a downtown Toronto party, leaving the suburban belt largely to the Tories. Even in the Atlantic, regarded as unassailably Liberal, the Conservatives lead by five points.

And this after weeks of blistering attacks — enabled by the Hill media — on the Jaffer-Guergis affair, the Afghan detainee paper trail and whether abortion should be part of the overseas maternal health initiative. The Liberals have failed to move public opinion their way. If anything, it is moving the other way.


Powell lucas said...

Plagiarized from the Clinton campaign: "It's the economy, stupid."

Joe said...

But I thought Donolo was supposed to fix all that.

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