Friday, May 14, 2010

Toothless grits

The grits are huffing and puffing quite a lot these days, but they won't even try to blow the Tories down. The detainee non scandal and the other grit/dipper non scandals are not really resonating with the Canadian people. iffy is now chaneling dion.

Liberal insecurity

If Afghan detainee talks fail, Grits have most to lose


While the opposition parties are publicly threatening to topple Stephen Harper’s government over its refusal to release controversial Afghan detainee documents, the Liberals are quietly looking for a way to beat a graceful retreat specifically to avoid an election.

Whatever the respective parties hope to gain from resolving the document dispute, the Liberals have the most to lose if negotiations fail.

Commons speaker Peter Milliken has given the four political parties until Friday to come up with a mechanism that would allow opposition MPs to review classified government documents on the Afghan war without compromising national security.

If there is no deal, the Conservatives might well be found in contempt of Parliament, and Canadians could theoretically be dragged off to the polls by summer.

All things considered, a snap election might suit the PM just fine, and even work to the relative advantage of the New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois.

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