Thursday, May 27, 2010

The timid iffy and his timid grits

iffy is all talk and no action, that according to red star leftist thomas walkom. So even the red star believes that iffy is ineffective in opposition, why on earth should he be considered to be HM PM? It is adion all over again. iffy is not a leader.

Canadians spend much time debating which party would make the best government. Perhaps, in this era of minority parliaments, we should focus equally on who would do the best job of acting as official opposition.

Because it seems that Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals certainly aren’t up to the job.

The latest example of Liberal ineffectiveness is the party’s contradictory approach to a massive omnibus bill working its way through the Commons.

Bill C-9 is ostensibly designed to implement federal budget measures, including some popular tax changes, approved back in March.

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