Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Tide is turning

An interesting piece in the nyt . It seems that the fraud is unravelling faster than the chicken littles can spin it. Even the whit wash investigations are convincing very few. Even HM PM Cameron is not talking too much about the fraud. Most of his MP's think it is at the bottom of their list of priorities. Indeed sceptics won a debate at Oxford debating union.
It is now time for a more rational discussion of the subject as was said by the one of the warmists at the Heartland conference.( watch the Scott Denning speech here) Both sides should listen to each other and the ipcc should be disbanded. Confidence in science should be restored by making all data public, by fixing the peer review status and trying to take the politics out of the debate.

Climate Fears Turn to Doubts Among Britons

Published: May 24, 2010

LONDON — Last month hundreds of environmental activists crammed into an auditorium here to ponder an anguished question: If the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed, why have so many people turned away from the idea that human activity is warming the planet?

Nowhere has this shift in public opinion been more striking than in Britain, where climate change was until this year such a popular priority that in 2008 Parliament enshrined targets for emissions cuts as national law. But since then, the country has evolved into a home base for a thriving group of climate skeptics who have dominated news reports in recent months, apparently convincing many that the threat of warming is vastly exaggerated.

A survey in February by the BBC found that only 26 percent of Britons believed that “climate change is happening and is now established as largely manmade,” down from 41 percent in November 2009. A poll conducted for the German magazine Der Spiegel found that 42 percent of Germans feared global warming, down from 62 percent four years earlier.

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