Saturday, May 01, 2010

Thank you Christie

Thank you for again defending HM Canadian troops and exposing the truth about this grit non scandal. How refreshing to see a bit of truth in the globe and mail.

The same week that House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken made his historic ruling that Parliament has the right to see all the documents about Afghan detainees, the very man whose sensational allegations fuelled the whole shooting match was being delivered a thumping.

How amusing, except it isn’t.

Richard Colvin is the diplomat whose testimony at a special committee last fall – chiefly, that torture of the Afghan prisoners Canadian soldiers handed over to their fellow Afghans was “standard operating procedure” and that he had warned senior military officials about it to no avail – was given war-sized treatment in the press.

His allegations were front-page news across the country, led to stern editorials in several major newspapers a day later, and added gasoline to the fire already simmering about alleged Canadian complicity in torture and government stonewalling of efforts to view uncensored documents on the subject.

But when Gavin Buchan, the former political director and senior official on the ground in Kandahar (but for two months, when Mr. Colvin replaced him) for most of 2006 and part of 2007, and Major General (Retired) Tim Grant, the commander of the Canadian military effort in Afghanistan during the same approximate time period, came to testify before the committee on Wednesday, their evidence collectively a profound rebuttal of Mr. Colvin’s claims, the media coverage was a whisper.


ck said...

Oh Please, Blatchford is a screw up and how she didn't get fired yet is mind boggling.

How convenient she develops imaginary friends after Milliken makes his ruling, much like Major Denis Grondin losing a truck load of documents in some shipping container. It's all too convenient.

No, if this was a nonn-scandal as you put it, then why go to all the trouble to hide the documents?? If there is nothing, then show them to the opposition, simple as that.

Also, Harper's whole national security schtick is out of the water. General Natynczyk doesn't seem to have a problem with the documents being viewed by parliament.

wilson said...

Really sucks when your guys are at 25% in the polls, eh ck..

Funny how Colvin insists he told everyone about his concerns in 2006, yet anyone who 'should' have been told, like in face to face meetings with the MacKay, commanders, generals and his successor, were told NOTHING until April 2007.

Funny too how Amnesty Int'l and the Red Cross were reporting of the appalling conditions in the Afghan prisons, in 2002, 2003, 2004 and not until the Liberals were tossed out of govt by Canadians, was this a scandal, AFTER the poorly Liberal detainee arrangement was IMPROVED....

Anonymous said...

I met Blatchford a number of years ago, nice body, shame about the face. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Christie Blatchford lives in my 'hood. She's often out walking her dog.

She's one of the few Canadian journalists who can hold her head up high. She does an honest job, unlike the plethora of left-lib/Liberal hackers writing in our media today.

Good post, wilson. It's "funny," isn't it, how our media hacks have all of a sudden become investigative journalists now that the CPC is in power.

There's a heaping pile of stinking muck left over from the Librano rule of Canada, left to fester and rot by our media. Even though a lot of us know it's there, they have a gargantuan blind spot when it comes to either reporting or investigating it.

But, boy, are they ready to pounce on the least little thing the CPC's done "wrong."

A pox on their houses. (It's already hitting them as witnessed by their tanking viewer- and readership. 'Looks good on them.)


zeppo said...

you said: Oh Please, Blatchford is a screw up and how she didn't get fired yet is mind boggling.

Christie Blatchford could outwrite you any day, judging by your output.

BTW, your ad hom argument = FAIL.

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