Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P. Gary Coleman

I enjoyed watching Gary Coleman in Different Strokes. The premise of the show was heartwarming. I believe we have a duty to those around us. Mr Drummond took in the children of his housekeeper and raised them as his own. Unfortunately Gary Coleman didn't have some one like Mr Drummond in his real life. There is something unnatural about a family living off their minor children. Coleman sued his parents for stealing millions.It often leads to disaster. Being a child star is often a bad idea, unless you have strong loving parfents. The parents of Ron Howard banked all of his salary and treated him like a normal kid. he has survived so many others have not. Different Strokes has been a disaster for the child actors involved. Dana Plato is dead. I hear her son killed himself recntly and willis is just recovering from his troubles.. I hope Gary Coleman has found some peace. His life sounded very sad to me. Which is sad, because he brought laughs to many people. May you rest in peace Arnold.

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