Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rex on the hectoring UN

Rex also discusses the chief nag fm the UN. He suggest HM PM Harper reply to the hectoring with facts. I always appreciate Rex's climate realism. He should join me at the Climate Realist conference in Chicago this weekend. I am sure he would enjoy it. You can join me too. Watch the keynote speeches here at PJTV.

Did he take Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to task for the bristling ardency — so alien to any genuine scientific project — that now pervades the “global warming community”? Or, for the spiteful defiance of Dr. R.K. Pachauri, the UN’s IPCC Chairman, toward those who reported errors in his venerated report, or to the hints of potential conflicts of interest between Mr. Pachauri’s business enterprises and his position as the voice of the “international community” on the “greatest moral issue of our time”?

For if Mr. Ban chastised Stephen Harper for Canada’s failings on Kyoto, it is but cricket for Mr. Harper to chastise Ban Ki-moon for the sloppiness, evasion and propagandistic aggressiveness of his functionaries on their most beloved file.

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