Monday, May 31, 2010

Rex on the accidental tourist

Rex takes iffy apart. iffy really doesn't understand Canada or Canadians. He doesn't even understand his own party. I love this line: he'd be the perfect Canadian, by his terms ... if he'd never come back at all. bet the grits wish he was such a perfect Canadian

Mr. Ignatieff, in a recent Toronto speech, tried a little rhetorical judo on the Conservative ads. He tried to project the idea of Canada as a place in continual evolution, as the most internationalist of countries, and went so far as to say his "being out of the country" actually made him a better Canadian.

This last claim was merely excess and nonsense since, in logic, he'd be the perfect Canadian, by his terms ... if he'd never come back at all.

Let me be clear on this point. His absence is not a disqualification for our highest office, but it is a mighty obstacle. The common-sense response to having lived "out of country" for so long is that he cannot know it. We are, we Canadians, very much where we live. We learn our country by living in it, by absorbing the flow of its events, by acquiring an emotional as well as an intellectual grasp of its rhythms and moods. We inhabit this country, and it returns the favour: It inhabits us.


CanadianSense said...

He should have read the coles notes on how to be Canadian.

Jen said...

I find that Rex is a bit late in criticizing the liberals particularly Ignatieff, when in fact corruption, lost of money and so on by the LPOC was rearly heard by him.
If Rex wants to take it out on IGNATIEFF, Rex will have to do the same to Chretien, Paul Martien etc which so far he has not.

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