Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Religious Right?

I wrote this letter in response to Josee Legault's article on marci macdonald's delusional book.

The faithful have rights, too


Re: "The religious right and Harper" (Opinion, April 28).

What a surprise. Tory- hater Josée Legault is enraptured by Marci McDonald's, factually challenged paranoid delusion, The Armageddon Factor. It seems that religious people need to stay out of the public square because only followers of the secular humanist cult should be listened to.

But religious people have as much right to speak and to lobby the government as anyone else. Perhaps one reason that religious people are more likely to vote Conservative is the disrespect shown them by the Grits, the Dippers, and the Bloc.

To those who wish to silence religious voices, I say, we will not be silenced. We have every right to speak out, and we are certainly not all of one opinion, even on social issues. I, for example, am pro-life, but I don't have any problems with same-sex marriage.

Roy Eappen



Hoarfrost said...

If the Liberals join or make common cause with the NDP that would be the beginning of the end for them as a political party.

I strongly believe that a more than lot of blue Liberals would defect to the Conservatives despite other partisan convictions

been around the block said...

Good letter, Dr. Roy. I think we need to keep up the heat on this one. It's time for pushback. Nowhere in Scripture are we encouraged to be door mats.

In fact, we're encouraged to be ready to answer for the hope that is in us, to be witnesses, to stand up and be counted.

The most damaging lie that too many Christians believe is that we have to be "nice." I don't think many people in His day thought that Jesus was "nice."

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power/boldness, of love and of self-discipline" (2 Timothy 1:7).

Man with Hat said...

I'm with you Roy, on pro-life, but would prefer to call them same sex unions. Marriage is defined as the joining of a man and woman in matrimony but agree that they should have all the same benefits etc. I also don't think polygamy is marriage.

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