Monday, May 17, 2010

Opposition ignores the facts on climate

 I am in Chicago at the 4th International Climate Conference. Yesterday we heard Stephen McIntyre explain climategate. It really is a story of duplicity and really bad science. he told the story in a verify dispassionate way. I hope you watched it last night.You can watch plenary sessions here. here is video of the first part of last night's plenary.
Here is Stephen McIntyre's great expose of climategate:

Apparently the coalition of the grits, dippers and separatists have been busy since I left for Chicago. They need to watch this conference. Hopefulkly the senate will block this.

MPs adopt climate change legislation
Canwest News Service
Published: Thursday, May 06, 2010

In the House of Commons, MPs adopted a new version of the climate change accountability legislation that had reached the Senate in 2008, but died on the order paper when Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an election. The new version, introduced by NDP MP Bruce Hyer, once again calls on the government to introduce a climate-change plan, with targets that are consistent with scientific evidence about the need to reduce emissions levels that are trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing dangerous changes to climate. While the Conservatives voted against the legislation, members from the Liberal party and the Bloc Quebecois joined the NDP to adopt the bill and -- by a 149-136 vote--sent it to the Senate for review.

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Anonymous said...

im no lawyer, but you say the bill requires the govt to construct a climate change bill that reflects scientific evidence right? well thats not a bad idea if that is how the bill is worded. we could simply introduce the anti-AGW scientific evidence and wash our hands of the whole F,in thing.

just a thought for dr roy,

brad maynard

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