Monday, May 17, 2010

MP expenses

I have to say I agree with my friend Tasha Kheiriddin. Mp's need to allow their expenses to be audited. It's public money. It's an expense account not their salary. I urge the Tories to agree to this.

If you were a shareholder in a company with an annual operating budget of half a billion dollars, and it refused to provide you with audited statements, would you say, oh, that’s ok, I’m sure its executives are spending responsibly? What if you were looking to invest your money – would you put it into a business where management basically winked and smiled and said “trust us, we’re not blowing the store on company jets and big parties”?

Answer: Not bloody likely. Well guess what – if you are a taxpayer to the government of Canada, that is exactly what you are being asked to do by your local Member of Parliament. This week the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy refused Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s request to conduct a management audit of the $500 million of taxpayers’ money that sustains the House of Commons every year. Their excuse?


Shawn Abigail said...

Audits are a good idea for a lot of reasons, but in the end I oppose them based on the principle that Parliament is supreme. As our elected officials, Parliament is supreme over courts, auditors and even the Constitution (being that they, together with the provinces, can change the Constitution). I wish I could support audits, but I can't.

Alex said...

Indefensible. Could the house be united only in hiding from Canadians? I know its hard being a politician and all. They should be well compensated precisely to avoid inappropriate use of funds or cash envelopes from shady characters.

Brian said...

Opening MP expenses to audit , while it seems a logical thing to do , would likely make Ottawa even more toxic than it is now.

The Guergis witch hunt is just a prelude to what would happen once the biased MSM is able to rummage through every MP’s expenses , so be careful of what you ask ! Does anyone think Fife, Oliver, Riley , and all the CBC hacks etc. are not salivating over the prospect ?

I agree there must be some oversight and the auditor general would be more than capable , but to prevent a Geurgis circus most of the petty expenses should be private. A better approach might be to simply allow each MP a per diem … PERIOD … over that amount it is their nickel. In the case of Cabinet members , that is where my guess the major expenses occur … and you can debate how reasonable / useful they are … which is very likely to end up like a Geurgis witch hunt.

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