Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More From The Climate realist Conference

It has been an amazing couple of days. i have chatted with Lord Monckton, Prof Lindzen and many other climate realists. It is great to hear so many climate realists. Prof Plimer has family ties to canada nad is in canada 4-5 times a year , so i am going to get him to speak in canada at some point. The discussions have been very intellectually stimulating. I do wish more believers were here. Only 2 are attending this year. Some have made the point that lowering the level of anger would be a good way to allow for more debate. It is hard to do that when the other side says the debate is over. Though Phil Jones does not say that. Please continue to watch.

More than 700 people — including a good many scientists, along with economists, policy analysts, and legislators — have gathered together since Sunday night, discussing the once-settled but increasingly controversial proposition of an anthroprogenic global warming (AGW) crisis. Any triumphalism was averted by a general agreement to explore real-world facts and test the assertions of alarmists. The presenters and audience members continually asked whether the data says what the modelers say it does.
here is that clip of Jon stewart on climategate that Stephen McIntyre was referring to.

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Just saw you asking your question on the PJTV coverage of the Heartland Institute Climategate Conference. Good points!!

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