Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Media ignore pablo's arrest

Tasha is right again the media went wild over Rahim's arrest, a former MP, yet pablo's arrest is ignored by the media and the grits. The grit media has buried this story. If Pablo was a Tory there would be wall to wall coverage. I guess the media might cover a conviction and jail time. If there is a plea agreement going to bedenounced? No it's a grit, he should go free. Grits stole tens of millions during adscam and not a single senior elected grit was even tried. No wonder we Tories are cynical about the media especially the CBC.

Just what does it take to get kicked out of caucus these days?  I guess it depends who your boss is, or how much media attention your transgressions receive.  Apparently, husbands behaving badly get you the boot, while criminal charges do not.  Your story can even get buried in the back pages of national newspapers, including, I am embarrassed to say, this one.


Ted Betts said...

You have a pretty funny definition of the word ignore.

When the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, National Post, Toronto Sun, etc etc. In fact, I'm hard pressed to think of any newspaper that did not cover both the charge and then the press conference Pablo held.

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals are up front about it and don't try to lie or hide it. Pablo held a news conference and discussed it with the media; Harper called in the cops on his own cabinet minister but won't tell us why. The Liberals called in the RCMP on themselves and then started a judicial inquiry on themselves with Adscam - everything we know about Adscam was Liberal initiated; by contrast, Harper continuously breaks the law on Access to Information requests and has years of failing and worsening reports from the Information Commissioner.

Culture of accountability always beats out a culture of deceit over time.

Anonymous said...

2,440 results for Ted's Google query.

19,900 results for "Rahim Jaffer speeding"

Ted Betts said...

Anonymous: I'm seriously hoping you aren't as dumb as you make yourself seem to be.

If you are going to compare apples to oranges anonymous, then at least do it objectively.

How many of those Jaffer hits also relate to Guergis and Jaffer's lobbying and other business exploits???

How many of those Jaffer hits are from the original arrest and how many are about the subsequent plea decision?

What questions remain about Jaffer months after the fact because he refused and continues to refuse to answer any questions about the night in question?

What questions remain about Pablo after he held a press conference and answered questions?

Is there any additional illegal activities that Pablo has been accused of like Jaffer has?

Is Pablo married to a disaster of a cabinet minister in the middle of a career meltdown?

Is failing to cooperate with a breathalyzer test (i.e. doing the test but not breathing hard enough into it) worse than drunk driving + speeding way over the limit + possessing cocaine??????

It never ceases to amaze me what conservatives will whine about and how much they claim to be the victim.

Anonymous said...

How many Pablo stories were from this week? (starting Monday)

Ted, when did Ignatieff learn about the PR incident? Any reason why it took 4 weeks for it to become public?

Jen said...

How many Pablo stories were from this week? (starting Monday)

My point exact thanks anonymous.

The least you know or hear about Pablo the sooner you will forgot.
Medias manipulation to the fullest.

been around the block said...

Ted Betts: "When the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, National Post, Toronto Sun, etc etc. In fact, I'm hard pressed to think of any newspaper that did not cover both the charge and then the press conference Pablo held."

Yeah, Ted, and when did they cover this story and when did they stop covering it? It's been pretty much a one-day wonder.

We'd like to make sure that it doesn't go away so fast!

Alberta Girl said...

Yep Ted - so upfront that it was a whole month before it was brought up. So upfront that the media was sympathizing with him for "trying to blow, but couldn't".

I contend that it wouldn't have come out at all, but some "friend" told him to get his story set because they would be printing it - and gave him the time to do it.

But you are right Ted - there is no comparison - no comparison at all betweeen the media's reporting of Jaffer's problems and Pablo's problems.


Anonymous said...

You guys are looking at this the wrong way. The MSM covers what and who are important. Pablo is not married to a Minister, and, is just not an important MP. Dont blame the MSM for Pablo's 'dont care' factor. And for all the rants about the MSM, Ignatief is getting close the 'dont care' factor as well..he gets the odd statement out but, the MSM really isnt searching him out much anymore either. billg

Ted Betts said...

Yes, of course they are the same thing and The Vast Leftwing Media Conspiracy To Squash Conservatives strikes once again.

What a joke.

How many Conservative cabinet ministers were complicit in illegal lobbying by Pablo as with Jaffer?

Was Pablo breaking multiple serious laws when he was pulled over like Jaffer was?

Was Pablo let off the hook and given a slap on the wrist because he is well connected to the Conservative government?

Was Pablo's wife an incompetent cabinet minister in self-destruct mode?

Was Pablo hypocritically touting a "tough on crime" BS legislative agenda while possessing cocaine and speeding dangerously drunk and then using your connections to get a slap on the wrist?

How many months was it before Jaffer's arrest was reported?

Oh, yes, the Pablo non-story and the Jaffer disaster are so very much identical that the only explanation has to be The Vast Leftwing Media Conspiracy To Squash Conservatives.

Oh, and one more questions: How many stories on Jaffer were reported in the first week after his arrest for possession of cocaine, dangerous speeding and drunk driving? Answer: not as many as Pablo, but that fact would destroy the myth and leave y'all with nothing to whine about wouldn't it? Once again, those darn facts have such a Liberal bias.

Come join the rest of us in the reality based world sometime. Facts are nothing to be afraid of.

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