Friday, May 28, 2010

Maxime Bernier in the Financial Post

Reducing taxes is always a good idea. The government feeds on taxes and grows to raise taxes even further. The government must be starved. This article is excerpted from Maxime's Winnipeg speech. Maxime needs to be in cabinet !! More here at Frontier site.

Abolish the corporate tax — only real people pay taxes

By Maxime Bernier

A famous American jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., wrote in 1927 that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. However much truth there may be in this statement, we’ve now gone way beyond this. Taxes today are the price we pay for having a big, fat and inefficient bureaucracy that tries to intervene in every aspect of our lives.

As long as we have taxes, however, we should make sure that they cause the least possible distortion in our economy.

Some taxes are really dumb. A tax on capital is self-defeating, in that it slows down capital accumulation, investment and economic growth. Fortunately, it has been abolished at the federal level. And our government provided an incentive in the 2007 budget to encourage provinces that still have a tax on capital to phase it out....

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