Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maxime Bernier in DDO

                                                                                               Agop Everklian

I got to talk to Maxime Bernier while he was in Dollard des Ormeauz last week. We discussed the imploding provincial liberals, federal politics and taxes. I repeated that I hoped he would be back in cabinet soon.
He gave a short speech where he said he was proud of canada and he was in favour of freedom. As anyone who reads this blog knows. I really like Maxime. I like that he understands the real value of the BNA act. He told me he was going to be talking about taxes in Winnipeg this week. The event was a fundraiser for a local charity called West Island Community cares. It is an example how individual citizens can help the needy of their community without government help. It was also great to see my friends Luca , Agop Evereklian ( soon to be the Pierrefonds Dollard candidate) and Andrew.
“We respect provincial jurisdictions and constitutional peace,” Bernier told The Suburban. “We want smaller government with less deficit so that we do not pay for future budgets off the backs of tax payers. We will not raise taxes unlike Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff who wants to raise your taxes. Our upcoming budget will be one for the people. Quebecers already pay enough taxes and this country has a huge deficit which needs out attention. The last thing we need are more federal programs that interfere with provincial jurisdiction.”

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Anonymous said...

You would think that Maxime would be able to fill in the hole left by the ADQ. He’s basically a libertarian. But here’s the question: is the Beauce the only entrepreneurial pocket left in Quebec, are the rest like Greece?


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