Friday, May 28, 2010

maurice strong, the original socialist hoaxster

When I call it environmentostalinism , it is mostly because of maurice strong. strong is anti-human. he is now living in communist China.
Mr. Strong has been central to reformulating socialism’s grand narrative in radical environmental terms. He was the mastermind of the seminal UN environmental conferences at Stockholm in 1972 and Rio in 1992. He is a key promoter of the subversive anti-market concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. He is the godfather of climate-change hysteria.

Mr. Beck fingers Mr. Strong as part of a cabal (exotically dubbed “Crime Inc.”) that wants to take down the global economy en route to taking global control.

Mr. Strong has posted a brief article on his website ( in which he responds to “misinformation, misinterpretation and outright lying by my critics.” The only critic he mentions is not Glenn Beck, but yours truly. Nor does he deal with the points raised by Mr. Beck, who, on his TV show, brought up an interview that Mr. Strong gave almost 20 years ago in which he opined on a novel he was thinking of writing. It would involve a cabal of concerned citizens taking control of the globe. Mr. Beck noted that Mr. Strong had not found time to write such a novel. Rather, he seemed to be living the “plot” himself.

Notice what this monster says 38 years ago. he is a threat to freedom and humanity .


been around the block said...

How come this guy always looks like he's just walked out of a horror movie? I REALLY wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, let alone in broad daylight.

He totally gives me the creeps, and that he and the Desmarais Family seem to have been pulling the strings of the Liberal Party of Canada since PET's time, sends a chill to the bone.

Alex said...

Everything Strong touches must be destroyed.

Powell lucas said...

Chairman Mo and Kim Jong-il are the two most dangerous people in the world today.

Jen said...

Once again, it takes an american to reveal to us who Maurice Strong truly is. Capitalism is not Strong's strong suit at all.

It seems to me that FOX is our media while the canadian national media fester in the OPPOSITION PARTIES, that are Socialists communists.

Dr. Ry, don't stop educating the public on matters like this; canadians have a right to know who they are getting involve with when anything pertains to the LPOC since the national media refuse point blank to do so.

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