Thursday, May 13, 2010

marci, paranoia will destroy ya

Brian Lilley has a good piece on paranoid marci macdonald. According to Ms. Paranoid only atheists should be in government. I guess Roman Catholic grits are ok and lapsed Russian orthodx liberals are ok, its just conservatives who are religious that she is afraid of. marci macdonald is of course an anti Christian bigot and her and her lefty allies should heed the words of Charles Lewis. McDonald has a sweet voice and Ms. Findlay has the self-assurance of a veteran broadcaster. But together, they helped present a deeply paranoid view of the world in which only one side is ever right.

The next time these two go hunting for real intolerance in this country, they should simply look at each other.

From Lilley's piece

In a follow-up to a 2006 Walrus Magazine article, McDonald exapnds on the idea that there is an attempt to take over our federal government by a small band of Christians driven by a desire to usher in the end times and second coming of Jesus Christ. At this point some of you are rolling your eyes while others are pointing to the fact that there is a prayer breakfast in Ottawa, that I and others (such as Jack Layton and Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin) were at it and that hundreds of Christians had gathered in one place. McDonald might see the gathering as further proof of her paranoid conspiracy but she fails to mention the decades old event in her book.


wilson said...

Ms MacDonald is schedualed to appear on CTV Power play today.

So what is Tonda gonna do when MacDonald starts talking about the LibDippers also setting it up so as the religious clout remains strong post-Harper.
I'm betting Tonda will cut her off.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting she has no problem with Wiccans, witches, pagans, warlocks, voodoo priests, satanists, luciferians, and a whole cast of other GOOD Religious types. (real conservative)