Saturday, May 15, 2010

marc emery

I don't like marc emery . He is an arrogant,  self aggrandizing blowhard. When I saw him at LSS a few years ago, he was urging young people to go to jail. He said he thrived in jail and it helped him "get chicks." I am also not a big marijuana fan. I think it is a gateway drug and it is not the panacea that some libertarians would have us believe. That being said, I don't think sending emery to jail for 5 years serves a useful purpose. I think the Portuguese solution of decriminalization of small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use and ramping up rehab is probably the way to go.

I don't think the tactics being used to stop Marc Emery going to jail are going to work. They are just going to annoy the government and many of its supporters. I suggest trying a more moderate approach, in a far less partisan way. Emery is his own worst enemy. He keeps poking the government in the eye and expecting their help. Perhaps he should realize that his opponents are also entitled to their views. I think he likes being a martyr.
So I oppose emery going to jail for 5 years in the US. I think he should be able to serve his time in Canada. I also oppose legalization. I do support decriminalization. Let the flaming begin.
Supporters of B.C. marijuana activist Marc Emery failed in their last-ditch attempt Friday to stop his extradition to the U.S. They wanted a British Columbia court to order that he face Canadian charges first.

It is a quirk of the Canadian justice system that individuals can swear criminal charges against another person or group. In recent years, such private prosecutions have been used by activist groups to take corporations to court when government regulators are reluctant to lay charges.

But a bid by West Kootenay, B.C., resident Patrick Roberts to lay charges privately against Emery on Friday was dismissed by a B.C. Court of Appeal judge.

Had the tactic worked, Emery, 52, would have had to remain in Canada possibly for years to face the charges before being sent to the U.S.


Anonymous said...

He sold drugs (MJ seeds) across an international border. That makes this twit is an international criminal. He should be prosecuted in the country who's laws he broke. He should serve his time on the U.S. dime not Canada's. If it is 1 years or 50 years let them keep this clown.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Marc should have been charged in this country and to condone his extradition is to forsake the principles this country was founded on. Agree with cannabis legalization or not this is a black mark on Canada. I doubt very much Rob C would have the courage to do what Marc did. Yeah he was "over the top" and maybe he was "self serving" I don't know but he fought for liberty something that has been disappearing far too fast in this country. I hope they come for you some day Rob C.

Anonymous said...

Roberts isn't just your average Canadian. Hes the founder and head of the Bloc BC, a party that wants us to leave Canada and become an independent nation.

He is a hard core Irish republican living in Canada and absolutely dedicated to the idea of BC leaving this country. He has Rob Nicholson by the throat in this private charge thing he started years ago. He kept the thing alive in the Court of Appeal and Nicholson's lawyers dragged it out and than Roberts springs it on them at the last minute. If Nicholson sends Emery to the US now;, you can bet your life Roberts is going to make big stacks of political hay for the separatists out of thi;s.

If he wins in the Court of Appeal, Nicholson will have to resign if he ships Emery out of the country.

A perfectly played hand by the old IRA man.

I Support Lord Black