Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mansur on Churchill and geopolitics

Again I ask where is our Churchill?

Geopolitics is a simple yet slippery notion about understanding politics in terms of the power capabilities of states on the global stage. It is a notion that has earned suspicion in English-speaking countries of the West for being associated with the politics of colonial-imperial age.

Politics in general, and international politics in particular, is about power that can never be fixed permanently.

Power is fluid and it is an amalgam of tangible and intangible resources. It is both the hardware and software of a state and its people and it needs to be harnessed and mobilized in securing and pursuing interests states set for themselves.

Just about everyone in a democracy has an opinion about politics. Yet rare is an individual who grasps ahead of others politics in terms of power at a particular time in history, understands the geopolitical setting, and is alert to the changes wrought by science and technology to the nature of power. When such power is possessed by demonic leaders, they might do immense harm to others.

Churchill was such a politician, statesman and historian. Seventy years after that heroic period in British and Commonwealth history when Churchill defiantly inspired and led the free world to eventually defeat Nazi Germany, remembering him is also thinking geopolitically about politics.

Thinking geopolitically means assessing global politics in terms of culture, economy, sociology, demography, history, ideology and personality type in reference to individual leaders.

It is to penetrate the fog of politically correct speech and dare to be vigilant about freedom.

In the post-9/11 world, the threat to freedom emanates from tyrants and closed societies armed — or seeking to be armed — with weapons of mass destruction while colluding with terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Once again this Salim Mansur fellow writes comprehensive articles.Maybe its just my generation growing up,who knows?But i do know history quite well.Im also absorbing geopolitics and learning how they work.I cant speak for many others however.
"Bigotry and naivety are easy refuges for fools. Only a hero like Mansur braves the narrow path between the two."-Blogger Anne Julienne
She sums it up pretty good too.


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