Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lord Black on prison

Lord Black's imprisonment has made me much more cynical about American justice. Jailing non violent criminals is probably a bad idea. Jailing small time drug users is probably a bad idea. As I have already said I favor the Portugese solution of decriminalizing small amounts of drugs and increasing rehab. I don't totally agree with Lord Black about violent criminals. that's what jails ate for. The same goes for sex offenders. I have often complained about minimal sentences for violent acts. That is still my opinion. Lord. Black does make several interesting points and I think we as conservatives should pay some attention.

In the past two years, as regular readers in this space would know, thanks to my gracious hosts in the U.S. government, I have had what could be called extensive hands-on experience of the American correctional system. I have been tutoring and teaching fellow prisoners in English, and in U.S. history. And some of them have taught me how to read music, play the piano, keep fit, diet sensibly and assimilate some local folkways, while I have been fighting my way through the courts toward a just disposition of the few remaining (unfounded) charges that bedevil me. The fact that all my life any definition of Canada's virtue and distinctiveness has prominently included references to civility and decency explains my alarm and outrage at finally reading the three-year-old report on the Correctional Service of Canada, misleadingly titled "A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety."


dollops said...

Tho a fan of Lord Black, I am disappointed with his response to our Conservative govt's attempt to tweak the ineffectual justice and corrections system. The Art Of The Possible ties PM Harper's hands in this as in all the many Lib-doggels he inherited but let us give him credit for incremental improvements. Of course, when I become King the whole justice system will be refocused on swift and severe consequences after all the nuisance issues like drugs and bad behaviour are returned to their rightful place in the town square, rotten fruit and all. Civilised people will give transgressors the benefit of a doubt but ultimately must punish the perverse and banish the incorrigible - to an arctic island with sufficient provisions but no supervision other than to prevent escape. Now lawyers and judges, there's a problem in need of another edict.

Hoarfrost said...

I would prefer that marginally corrupt individuals stay in prison longer to prevent a mistaken release of those who actually caused greater unpunished crimes.

Lord Black is in jail, in my opinion for trying to steal the pensions of Dominion store personel when he failed control of that business.

I am older and wiser now but that is one misdeed that he needs to explain before I can exhonerate him.

I am a strong Conservative who believes in tight moral limits of private business in order to limit their profit driven excesses. To derive profit is the essence of our wealth as a nation but it is still government's role to place limits.

I Support Lord Black